Insider Claims Julie Chrisley Is Not Doing Well In Prison: ‘She Has Broken Down’

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Disgraced Chrisley Knows Best star Julie Chrisley was sentenced to several years in prison in November 2022 for a number of financial crimes, along with her husband, Todd. She began serving her time back in January 2023, and while we’ve been getting some updates on the couple from their daughter, Savannah, we’re now hearing that the matriarch isn’t doing well with her new reality and has “broken down.”

What’s Being Said About Julie Chrisley’s Mental State Now That She’s Been In Prison For A While?

It was decided not long before the former reality stars began serving their time that Julie Chrisley would serve out her sentence at Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky, instead of being closer to her husband, as was previously decided, at FCI Marianna in Florida. Despite hearing not that long ago from Todd’s eldest daughter, Lindsie, that her dad and step-mother had been “welcomed with open arms” by the prison populace in both of their facilities, because many were fans of theirs, it’s now being reported by the Daily Mail that Julie isn’t adjusting so well. An anonymous source who’s said to be close to the mother of three said:

She has broken down. She is not doing well at all. She cannot fathom how she will spend years being locked up and feels that she let her family down. Todd assured her that they would not go to jail and now Julie regrets what she did in the name of fame. She is losing faith that they will get this overturned and she is so sad. It is heart breaking.

The Chrisleys had asked the court for leniency after being found guilty, but were sentenced to several years in prison, each, with Julie getting seven years, and Todd being given 12 for bank fraud, tax evasion, and other crimes. While a representative for the couple didn’t respond to the outlet’s request for a comment on the report, it would make total sense that either, or both, of them would be having a hard time.

Aside from having to adjust to prison life, which is obviously very different from the lavish lifestyle they once knew, the family as portrayed on their reality series seemed to be a pretty cohesive unit, and the parents are now separated from both their children and each other. As noted, their daughter, Savannah, has been giving updates on her parents, and she claimed not long ago that her mom was being housed in conditions that were worse than the service dogs at her prison.

She’d also said, just a couple of weeks after Julie began serving time, that her mom was “doing really well” and had become friends with other inmates while working, attending church when possible, and “keeping busy.” It was just in early May, however, that she added that her mother had sent her home after a visit with a stack of daily letters talking about missing Todd and lamenting how Savannah has had to put her life on hold because of their prison time.

The only hope now is that the family can continue to adjust to their situation, as it could be a very long time before anything changes.

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