Yellowstone Is Ending After Kevin Costner Brouhaha, But He Reportedly Still Wants Control Over Getting Written Off

John Dutton in cowboy hat on Yellowstone
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Thanks to the recent conflicts between star Kevin Costner and the powers that be at his hit TV series Yellowstone, the fate of the show has been sealed. The mothership series of co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s network and streaming success will be ending with Season 5’s last batch of episodes, which are set to be released at some point on November’s 2023 TV schedule. However, reports are coming out now that not only is Costner’s level of involvement in the finale still uncertain,  buthe also wants control over how John Dutton rides off into the sunset.

Per news coming out of Puck, there is no agreement for Kevin Costner’s return to close out his time on Yellowstone just yet. As has been the case, the dispute is allegedly over how much time the actor/director will have to dedicate to the shoot. At this time, he's in production on his epic western Horizon.

Allegedly, “one to three weeks” is the range of time that his team has specified; which is significantly lower than the “30 to 45 days” the series brass apparently offered as their opening gambit. Then, of course, there’s the reported clause that the Oscar winner gets to have a final say over how his Dutton family patriarch has his story tied up. 

That point is apparently the key to luring the Man of Steel star back into filming a proper departure. Considering the emotions and energy flying through Yellowstone’s now-concluding production, that sticking point could weigh pretty heavily with what happens next in this world of Montana intrigue.

Also hanging in the balance is the recently confirmed and untitled sequel series, which is set to premiere on the Paramount Network this December. While unconfirmed, the same report sourced above alleges that potential star Matthew McConaughey is “pretty much in.” Though the original recipe variant may be going away, the upcoming Yellowstone series don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Which yet again puts some importance on how the series that started it all resolves its current arc. There’s no telling what sort of consequences the last temptation of John Dutton III will have for the projects that follow, whether they take place in the past or present. Part of the show's fate is in the hands of Kevin Costner at the moment, as whatever he agrees to or doesn’t agree to will make or break what happens next. 

Yellowstone’s Season 5A episodes will be streaming soon, just in case you needed to catch up with the Dutton Ranch drama on the other side of the screen. That first batch will be heading out to those of you with a Peacock subscription on May 25th. 

Or, if you’re someone who wants to get into the hit drama series on the ground floor, the previous four seasons are also available on that same platform. If plans hold, the final six episodes of Yellowstone will be broadcasting starting this November on the Paramount Network. 

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