Britney Spears Accused Of Binging Red Bulls And Coffee, Staying Awake For Days

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Britney Spears is the subject of a new documentary airing next week that’ll cover her post-conservatorship life, and some of the allegations from said documentary are starting to come out. A few days ago, stories were everywhere about how the courts allegedly recommended she stay away from knives, and now, we’re getting new allegations about her caffeine usage and how it’s affecting her sleep patterns.

All of the recent allegations have come from TMZ, which is producing the documentary that’ll air on Fox on Monday. The latest claims Spears has been binging on caffeinated beverages and staying up for days on end. The outlet alleges she drinks Red Bull, coffee, dandelion tea and Celsius “almost nonstop” and that causes her to sometimes stay awake for three consecutive days. 

I have no idea if this is true or if there is any validity to it, and it’s unlikely we’ll ever really know. Spears rarely comments on individual rumors about her personal life or her behavior, and it seems unlikely she’ll go out of her way to address this one. That being said, its existence continues a very unfortunate pattern we’ve been seeing.

There was great positivity and enthusiasm around Britney Spears after she was first freed from her conservatorship in November of 2021, but within a few months, the discourse around her life had once again devolved into an endless series of rumors. That’s, of course, continued for the last year, and now it feels like the pop star is in the midst of some never-ending cycle where the general public hops from one rumor to another.

Over the last six months, we’ve had rumors about her marriage allegedly being in trouble, rumors about substance abuse and an alleged intervention, rumors about storming out of a restaurant, rumors about Photoshopped pictures of her at a party and even conspiracy theories about what was going on with her house. It’s never-ending. And while we occasionally get her side on social media posts, it’s not nearly enough to combat the constant whispering that’s going on.

Fortunately, we may soon get a chance to read a more fuller version of Britney’s side of the story. The pop star signed a book deal, which is expected to come out later this year. It, of course, produced its own share of rumors about A-listers she allegedly hooked up with, but at this point, that’s clearly not a surprise. 

I’m not sure what other accusations or rumors might come out in this documentary next week, but if I do know one thing, it’s that plenty of people will be talking about them, whether they’re true or not. Hopefully Spears is able to ignore all of it and continue living her life on her terms in the healthiest way possible, whatever that might mean. 

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