New Fast X Video Shows Off Behind The Scenes Angle Of Car Chase

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in Fast X trailer
(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Few franchises in the history of Hollywood have ever made chase sequences look as cool as Fast And Furious. The first nine installments are jam-packed with explosions and last second escapes, and they always look incredibly polished and cool. But have you ever wondered what it looks like on the set itself? Fortunately, the team over at the upcoming Fast X sent over a video to CinemaBlend that shows off a car chase from a more behind the scenes vantage point, and I can’t get enough of watching the alternate angle.

I could go on and on trying to describe the madness in the clip, but I don’t even know where I’d begin. It’s like that chase sequence from The Rock where Sean Connery steals the Hummer crossed with a game of Atlasphere from American Gladiators. You can check it out and see just a tiny fraction of the coordination and prepwork required to pull it off in the video below…

That’s the thing I love about the Fast & Furious franchise and that, if this clip is any indication, I’m going to love about the new one. The movies are just unapologetically themselves, and based on what we know about Fast X, those involved nailed the assignment again. They know people want to watch absolute chaos, and every time they find a way to both push what’s possible further, while also filming it in such a way that you can appreciate the mastery of what’s happening. It’s all really skillfully done, even if it’s also explosive insanity.

The tenth installment of the beloved franchise is set to hit theaters on May 19th, and when it does, fans will have the option to see it in premium formats. One of those premium formats, ScreenX, is the one that put together the above behind the scenes clip, and they also put together a clip showing off that same chase with the 270 degree panoramic view fans will be able to watch on their screens. You can check that out below…

However you choose to see Fast X, expect to be in for a visual treat. Vin Diesel and stacked cast are allegedly only bringing the family back together one more time after this one; so, enjoy all the chases, explosions and over the top action as much as you can. We’re not going to have this franchise forever and need to appreciate all its destructive glory while we can.

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