Karen Gillan Hopped In A Bathtub For A Fun GOTG Photoshoot, Then Threw On A Dress That Has Fans Questioning Physics

We’ve seen Kourtney Kardashian and Padma Lakshmi share bathtub picnics in recent weeks. While food in the tub is a bit of a novelty, so is using the bathroom as the set for a photoshoot. For her new Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 premiere weekend, however, that’s exactly what Karen Gillan did. Then she threw on another killer dress that had “seriously, how does it stay on?” vibes. I guess if you’re going to end a trilogy of movies, you might as well go out in style. 

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Those boots were made for bathtubs, apparently. They’re Louis Vuitton, and I’m basically obsessed with them. While the high-fashion pair retails for nearly $2500 bucks, the good news is you can get similar boots at a more reasonable price point, like these silver beauties from CircusNY (opens in new tab) or this similarly black Chelsea knee-high boot from Amazon (opens in new tab).

While you may be in or out on the concept of rocking boots in the tub, Karen Gillan has had a lot of great fashion moments in recent weeks. Separately from the bathtub photoshoot, she attended the Miami Multicultural Influencer + Stunted Screening at AMC Sunset Place in a dress that’s seemingly as physics-defying as outfits Kim Kardashian has rocked in the past.

Karen Gillan in physics-defying dress in Miami for Guardians 3 event.

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If you look closely there does seem to be some material between the top and bottom halves of the dress, which likely helps to keep it in place, but you still have to think some tape is involved or a slight shift could have turned into a wardrobe malfunction nightmare. I know many of us have horror stories where taping up outfits is concerned, but to Gillan’s credit, she looks cool as a cucumber in this dress. And from what I can tell, she made it through with no wardrobe malfunctions.

I’m not the only one to be impressed with the dress. Several fans also commented, noting, 

  • I do not understand the physics of this dress.
  • The trust you had in that drape of fabric…
  • It's almost like her team said we need you to post more thirst traps... it's working lol

The new Marvel flick is the third film in the trilogy, and while the GOTG 3 end-credits provide hope for a certain character's return, we'll have to wait and see if the same holds true for Nebula. Gillan did give her official goodbye to the character, but many things are possible in the MCU and given Nebula's upgrade, I'd be happy to see the actress return to the role at some point and light up the red carpet with some more inspiring fashion moments. 

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