Big Brother Season 25's Premiere Date May Have Leaked, And Fans Won't Be Thrilled

CBS hasn't released the official date that Big Brother will premiere Season 25 on the 2023 TV schedule, but a noted insider has posted the time they've heard the season will air. Suffice it to say, it won't be good news for fans hoping for an early summer release, but unlike past years, there is an upside if this is the actual release date. In short, you'll have plenty of time to renew that Paramount+ subscription because the new season may not start until mid-July. 

If the rumor circulating the internet is true, Big Brother Season 25 won't premiere on CBS until Wednesday, July 12. Check out the tweet from Twitter insider @BBGossip, who was apparently sitting on the news before deciding to share: 

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Assuming the start time is accurate, Big Brother will return in 2023 a week later than Seasons 24 and 23. Of course, all three of those seasons started way earlier than Season 22, which was filmed during lockdowns and didn't premiere until August. Looking at recent seasons, a reader might find the analysis of this "late" start as a bit of an exaggeration.

Longtime Big Brother fans may remember that before this recent stretch, Big Brother often premiered in mid-to-late June. Seasons 15 through 21 all had June premiere dates. If you remove the atypical Season 22 from the equation, this will be the latest a season has premiered since Season 14 back in 2012.

Why A Late Big Brother Premiere May Not Be A Bad Thing

As this is an unconfirmed rumor, there's not any insight at this time why CBS would push Big Brother back so far. It is possible, however, that the network is looking at the WGA writer's strike and realizing a series like Big Brother could fill programming gaps that might be created by the amount of time writers are on strike. 

One upside of that for Big Brother fans is that programming delays could feasibly fix a common problem the fandom has with the end of the game. There's no denying that the final weeks of the game can droll on with so few people in the house, but there have been many times when the finale night is treated like an afterthought on CBS' primetime lineup. 

If fewer shows are ready to return by Big Brother's estimated finale date of early October, then it's possible CBS will have more flexibility to give Big Brother a nicer primetime slot. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, and we're dealing with several hypotheticals assuming that this release date is correct and that the writer's strike will continue for some time. With all of that said, should this release date be confirmed, fans can at least fall back on that upside if they're mad about having to wait so long for a new season. 

Big Brother Season 25 is largely a mystery thus far, though we do know that live feeds will continue as planned despite the Canadian spinoff's major change of abandoning live-feed content. Host Julie Chen Moonves has been doing her usual hype posting on social media, and she even had some wondering if a surprise season of Big Brother was on the way earlier this year. Maybe she can throw fans a bone and send a tweet confirming this latest rumor.

For now, we're still waiting on an official release date for Big Brother Season 25. If the rumors are true, we still have a ways to go, and fans should definitely entertain themselves in the interim by binging previous seasons on Paramount+. 

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