Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi Had A Nude 'Bath Picnic' And, Yes, There Was Pasta Involved

There’s a lot of very open division in the world today, but I think it’s probably pretty safe to say that there are at least two things that most of us can agree on: bathing is good and eating good food is even better. And, plenty of folks like to combine the things they love, like having your favorite meal as you watch your most beloved TV show. Well, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi can do us all one better, because she recently enjoyed a nude “bath picnic” with a cheesy pasta dish.

What Did Padma Lakshmi’s Naked ‘Bath Picnic” Involve?

Look, celebrities tend to be beautiful people who frequently put a lot of effort into being beautiful all the time, and that is something that we watchers of famous folk really do enjoy about them. So, it’s not incredibly surprising when Halle Berry celebrates self-love with a steamy shower selfie, Alexandria Daddario poses in her bathtub while gussied up, or Britney Spears requests applause in the tub while showing nearly all her goodies. I’m guessing, however, that most people don’t bathe quite like Lakshmi. Take a look at what she recently shared on Instagram:

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We know the model/writer/host is no stranger to showing off her body, as she did when she turned 50 with an uplifting message a few years ago, and this post definitely shows off her glowy skin, knees she clearly didn’t scuff up too badly as a kid, and a little bit of boobage. But, I think we really need to talk about her decision to have a “bath picnic,” which she apparently loves.

First of all, no shade to Padma, because I can’t say that I’ve never eaten or had a beverage while soaking in the tub. Sometimes a lady’s gotta multitask, and one cannot luxuriate in the bath if one is thoroughly famished. So, yeah, sure…I’ve had the occasional snack while being enveloped in hot, sweet-smelling, bubble-filled water as I read an obscenely expensive fashion magazine from the U.K. or a juicy novel. There is also nothing like an early morning bath on a cold day with a hot mug of coffee by one’s side, either. I get it.

But! A full serving of what appears to be baked ziti and a long-stemmed glass of wine? It looks good and all, but, girl! Is she not at all clumsy? Even with that incredibly sturdy bath tray, I’d maybe be able to take six or so bites before there was tomato sauce in the tub. That can’t be good for…a person’s places. Also, I am a stemless only kinda girl, because I would likely knock it over within seconds. Then we have wine and tomato sauce in the water, and possibly broken glass if it hits the tray or side of the tub on the way down. Honestly, I’m exhausting myself just imagining the cleanup.

I suppose this is why Lakshmi (who’s also been known to share NSFW memes) just isn’t like the rest of us, though. She’s not only proudly showing off her bath picnic, but doing it while looking much more elegant than most of us would. Never stop doin’ your thang, Padma.

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