Chrissy Teigen Used A Photo To Clap Back At Fans Who Accused Her Of Faking Her Last Pregnancy

Chrissy Teigen on Mr. Mayor.
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Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend had a lot to celebrate earlier this year, as they welcomed their third child into the world. The couple had a baby girl named Esti and, based on their social media updates, they’re downright infatuated with the little one. Unfortunately, as of late, Teigen has received a bit of hate from some commentators on social media. A few went as far as to accuse the media personality of faking her most recent pregnancy. Teigen, who rarely ever backs down from the trolls, ultimately clapped back by sharing a photo from the day she gave birth. 

Some individuals appear to be under the impression that the Lip Sync Battle alum and her husband actually enlisted the services of a surrogate to produce their latest child. One user claimed (via People) that the starlet was “born male” and “used something called a moonbump” to simulate a pregnancy. When the witty 37-year-old media personality caught wind of the commentary, she quipped that she was “obsessed with this comment.” She was eventually spurred to post an incredibly intimate photo from the emergency room. The image, which was captured by the trade, shows sheds light on the baby’s delivery, which happened via c-section: 

Chrissy Teigen amid childbrith

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It’s my hope that most of us can agree that sentiments like the ones shared by those users are incredibly disrespectful. To be honest, you can’t help but scratch your head over such assumptions, considering what we’ve seen from Chrissy Teigen and her husband over the years. The two have been incredibly candid about their struggles and have seemingly aimed to be transparent. For instance, this was evident when John Legend opened up about the miscarriage his family experienced prior to Esti’s conception. It’s sad to see such comments reach the star but, for her part, Teigen appeared to handle it all in stride. And that photo she shared should silence any other doubters as well. 

Chrissy Teigen revealed her most recent pregnancy in August 2022 by sharing a “hopeful” message on social media. She also took the time to reflect on their son, who was sadly lost at 20 weeks due to a pregnancy complication. When little Estii was born earlier this year, stars like Viola Davis and Kris Jenner celebrated the arrival. In recent weeks, Teigen has shared a few photos, including one that shows underboob and affectionately highlights the “lifetime scars” she now bears due to pregnancy. 

The FABLife alum has certainly had a lot to celebrate over the past year. In addition to welcoming a new addition to the family, she also celebrated one year of sobriety last summer. All the while, she’s apparently been keeping busy with her professional endeavors and has still been attending major public events. Sadly, her appearance at a recent function resulted in her receiving more backlash. 

Political pundit Megyn Kelly called out Chrissy Teigen for the look she sported at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Kelly not only said that the star isn’t “relevant” but also used  to exemplify the alleged “elitism” that she believes is associated with the annual event. Teigen herself has not responded to the critiques, but husband John Legend did clap back by arguing that Kelly is simply seeking attention. 

That’s only one instance of the negativity that Chrissy Teigen has faced over the years. Yet judging by her responses to the pregnancy claims, she’s developed thick skin. Kudos to her for standing up for herself and her family while also providing visibility for women who’ve undergone c-sections.

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