Jonathan Scott Gets Real About All The 'Pressure' He Feels To Marry Zooey Deschanel

zooey deschanel and jonathan scott on carpool karaoke the series
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Any HGTV fan can tell you that there are many reasons to love the uber-popular Property Brothers and its many spinoffs, from the twin hosts' ability to perfectly renovate and design a client’s dream home, to their easy-going charm and sense of humor. But, as with most celebrities, lots of fans also really love learning about the private lives of stars Drew and Jonathan Scott, following along with the former’s journey to fatherhood and also becoming quite invested in the latter’s relationship with New Girl star Zooey Deschanel. Now, the contractor has gotten real about the “pressure” he feels to marry his famous girlfriend.

What Did Jonathan Scott Say About Feeling Pressured To Marry Zooey Deschanel?

This celebrity romance has been going strong basically since the Scott brothers met the Deschanel sisters while filming Carpool Karaoke: The Series in late 2019. Fans quickly became obsessed with the couple, as Deschanel did demo with Scott for Celebrity IOU, the duo sent sweet anniversary messages to one another on Instagram, and celebrated Valentine’s Day together. However, it seems that fans aren’t merely content to watch as they share some of their nice moments with us, as Scott was recently asked by Entertainment Tonight Canada if he gets frequent questions about when they’ll get engaged, and he responded:

Yes, in fact, this is that one for today…But every now and then somebody asks about that and I’m like, ‘Hey, whoa, whoa, pressure. We’ll get there.’ You’ll be the first to know, I’m sure.

Even though, in reality, it’s incredibly unlikely that any fan would be “the first” to know about these two getting engaged, it probably wouldn’t take too long for those who love the couple (but don’t know personally) to find out about such a thing. Not only have they, as noted, been pretty good at sharing their lives with followers, but people who pay close attention to which of their favorite celebs are dating/engaged/having kids get that information as soon as it becomes available.

It’s pretty easy to see how he could feel “pressure” from not only fans, but interviewers, because society tends to place a lot of importance on romantic relationships hitting prescribed milestones. Dating seemed to be going swimmingly, so the twosome was only a little over two years in when questions about Deschanel and Scott becoming engaged soon really ramped up. Then, his brother, Drew, had a baby with his wife, and, of course, people took that as an opportunity to inquire about the potential of Jonathan and Zooey having a baby soon.

For a time, the couple was focused on the pitfall-filled renovation of their dream home together. That’s now complete, but it doesn’t mean that fans should get their hopes up about the famous mates becoming engaged or adding to their family. Not only should they be allowed to do things in their own time, but they’re also right to have the kind of relationship that they want, whether it involves marriage and babies or not. Plus, Scott confirmed that they’re currently focusing on co-parenting Deschanel’s young kids with her ex-husband, so it sounds like they’re doing everything they need right now to be happy, and that’s what’s really important.

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