Jared Padelecki And His Wife Genevieve React To Walker Being Renewed For Season 4

Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Padalecki on Walker
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Well, it’s that time of the year again, avid TV fans. We’ve officially entered the part of the season in which we anxiously wait for news on the fates of our favorite shows. Anyone who’s ever followed renewals and cancellations surely knows just how nerve-wracking it is. CW fans probably know this feeling particularly well, though there is some good update to celebrate this week. Walker, the crime drama starring Jared Padalecki, was officially renewed for a fourth season. Shortly after the news broke, Padelecki and his wife, Genevieve (who’s also on the show), shared their reactions. 

What Jared And Genevieve Padalecki Had To Say About Walker’s Renewal

Jared Padalecki – who also serves as an executive producer on the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot – didn’t waste time when it came to sharing his reaction to the news. The enthusiastic 40-year-old star dropped an update on Twitter, and he seems to be very excited that he gets to remain in the shoes of Cordell Walker. He also threw in a bit of gratitude to his collaborators as well:

Walker has been such an honor to portray, and I’m thrilled to bring him back for Season 4! On behalf of the cast and crew, we want [to] share our love and gratitude for the show and its viewers. We’re all chompin at the bit to work alongside the CW and keep representing this family!

The series has been somewhat of a passion project for the Supernatural icon and, over the past few years, he’s been candid about the hard work he and his collaborators put into the show. Genevieve Padalecki would likely attest to the cast and crew’s hard work. And that’s not only because she’s watched her hubby work but due to the fact that she plays Cordell’s deceased wife, Emily, on the show. The actress reacted to the news via an Instagram post, and her sentiments echoed those of her spouse: 

So proud of this incredible family of cast & crew. I’ve watched @jaredpadalecki pour his heart and soul into this project. #Walker has been such a labor of love from start to finish. We're so grateful to the fans and the whole #WalkerFamily.

The series was handed a shortened 13-episode fourth season, which may be disappointing to some. Nevertheless, fans are surely just glad that it'll eventually return to the 2023 TV schedule at all. Some shows on The CW haven’t been (or won’t be) as fortunate, including a program that’s closely related to the series.

Walker: Independence Was Cancelled Amid Changes At The CW

You read the subheader above correctly. Spinoff prequel series Walker: Independence was scrapped after a single season and following loads of speculation regarding its fate. CinemaBlend had actually listed it as a show that would probably get cancelled unless a major change was made. Though its run was brief, the Katherine McNamara-led show seemed to develop a small, but devoted fanbase. The 13-episode series ended with a wild finale twist, and Season 2 would’ve paid homage to Jared Padalecki’s parent show. 

There is a spot of somewhat hopeful news, though, as the producers are reportedly aiming to find a new home for the show. Jared Padalecki spoke to TVLine about his team's efforts to do so:

We are aggressively looking for a place that Walker Independence can land. I think cancelled is maybe the most common word used, but I think a better way to look at it is that Walker Independence will not be on The CW next year. I’m so proud of Walker Independence. It’s such a great show. I think it’s a show that’s needed. We absolutely are thrilled about the show, proud of the show, and we all feel like it belongs somewhere people can see it. We love the cast. We love the writing. We love the setting. We love the storylines that it’s telling. It’s storylines unlike any other ‘Western’ show on TV or streaming right now.

Over the past few months, updates suggested that a cancellation bloodbath was headed to The CW. This is greatly due to the content strategy that the network’s parent company, Nexstar, is looking to implement. Right now, there are still a few key shows that have yet to be renewed, including Superman & Lois, Gotham Knights and The Winchesters. Since I’m admittedly a fan of the first of those three, I’m among those waiting for answers.

So amid all of this uncertainty, fans of Walker should definitely be breathing a sigh of relief right about now. It’s possible that the ongoing writers' strike could potentially delay the fourth season. But there’s still plenty of comfort to be found in the knowledge that the show is set to return at some point.

Walker airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, and past episodes are available to stream using a Hulu subscription.

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