I Absolutely Loved How Ted Lasso Thoughtfully Handled Colin's Big Moment

Billy Harris as Colin on Ted lasso
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Spoilers for Season 3, Episode 9 – “La Locker Room Aux Folles” – of Ted Lasso ahead. If you aren’t caught up on the comedy, you can stream it with an Apple TV+ subscription, and catch new episodes every Wednesday. 

One of the best storylines in Ted Lasso’s third season has been around Colin's journey toward becoming the strongest and most capable man he can be. While it was hinted at in Season 2, in Season 3 the audience learned that Colin Hughes is gay, and he hadn’t come out to the team. As episodes rolled on, Trent Crimm found out, and Isaac McAdoo, the team’s captain, also accidentally learned about his teammate's secret. While Billy Harris’ character had been keeping his sexuality to himself for most of his life, in Episode 9 of the 2023 TV schedule hit he came out to his team, and the show handled his big moment in the most thoughtful way. 

What Happened Before Colin Came Out 

At the beginning of Season 3, we learned that Colin had a partner, and not long after we discovered this, Trent Crimm saw him with his boyfriend. The journalist went on to tell the player that he was also gay, and the two shared a sweet moment in Amsterdam. A big reason why Trent became a beloved Ted Lasso character was because of how thoughtful he was with Colin, and how he served as a sort of mentor for the young player. As the episodes came out, Colin's story kept naturally building, nothing was every really forced, leading to this turning point. 

However, things became a bit forced when Isaac found out after snatching away Colin’s phone in Episode 8. Immediately the team captain had an angry reaction, not because he was homophobic, but because his friend had kept a big part of his life a secret. This led to Isaac having a few angry fits toward her teammate, and he lashed out at a spectator who was yelling vulgar and homophobic language during the game. Kola Bokinni's character, rightfully, gets a red card, after getting in the fight, and he can’t play for the rest of the match. The team, understandably confused, ponders why their captain acted out in such a way, which leads to the thoughtful and candid conversation where Colin comes out to his team. Overall, I thought Ted Lasso handled this monumental moment for Billy Harris’ character incredibly well. 

Colin and Isaac playing video games on Ted Lasso.

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Colin's Big Moment Worked Well Because It Was Thoughtful And Nuanced 

Initially, the team reacted to Colin's news by saying that “they don’t care,” meaning it’s no big deal that he’s gay, they still love him all the same. Ted then goes on to give a very on-brand speech about not caring what NFL team his friend supported. Colin rightfully calls his coach out for comparing being gay to supporting a football team, and Ted agrees that he “fumbled,” however, he does say:

The point is Colin, We don’t not care. We care very much. We care about who you are and what you must’ve been going through. But hey, from now on you don’t have to go through it all by yourself.

What this scene showed was the team’s loving support for Colin in a very nuanced way. They fumbled over their reaction, and they tried to say the right thing, just like people would in real life, and it was incredibly moving. Everyone’s coming out story is completely unique, and everyone deserves the time and space they need to feel comfortable sharing it. It was patient, kind, accepting, and real; it also showed how important it is to actively work against toxic masculinity. 

The cast of Ted Lasso acted out this locker room scene and the private moment between Isaac and Colin beautifully, and it showed just how powerful it can be when you are kind, accepting and patient. Colin’s excitement at the end of the episode, followed by Isaac’s apology and acceptance of his friend made me smile so much, and seeing a joyful story about a gay man on television is refreshing, and more importantly vital to have in mainstream media. 

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