Why Schmigadoon Season 2 Was Way Better Than Season 1

Keegan Michael-Key and Cecily Strong in Schmigadoon!
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I’m a pretty big fan of musicals. Have been for some time. 

I’ve watched lots of classic musicals, many modern musicals, and some great funny musicals, so you can understand how much I really do love to just sit back on my couch, have a glass of wine, and enjoy the heck out of some people dancing and singing out of nowhere. Which was why when Apple TV+ created the series, Schmigadoon!, I was eager to see what it would hold. 

I watched Season 1 as it came out back in 2021, and I enjoyed it. I loved the Schmigadoon! cast, felt myself humming along to some of the tunes, and savoring the organic chemistry between the amazing Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong. However, when Season 2 was announced, and it was confirmed they were going to be looking into the musicals of the '60s and '70s, I was even more excited. 

Now, with the Season 2 finale out of the way, I can openly say that Schmigadoon! Season 2 was way better than Season 1 – and I’m going to get into my reasons why.

Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key on Schmigadoon.

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There Aren't Messy Love Stories Between The Main Characters, Thank God

One of the things that I couldn’t stand about Season 1, if we’re being honest, is the love stories. 

It’s not just because it felt like they kind of happened out of nowhere – or that they were a little creepy at first, with Key’s character almost getting together with someone who was practically a teenager (in the magical city). It’s because neither felt super authentic at all. I really started to watch the series for both leads, because I was a huge fan of their comedy styles, but they were apart for most of the first season in their quest to “find true love.”

I know the idea was that maybe they could find it with someone else if it wasn't with each other, but we all knew it would lead back to their spouse in the end – why separate them for so long? To make them realize how much they still loved each other? I’ve seen that a million times. 

Season 2 doesn’t do any of that. No, this is the world of Schmicago, a land filled with sex, murder and risque performances at dance clubs. There’s no love in this world – at least that’s not with each other for the main couple. They are together throughout the season to try and solve their problems, and it made me love watching them even more. I would fully watch a show about these two just solving murder mysteries like they did for the first half of Season 2. It was so good. 

Dove Cameron in Schmigadoon!.

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The Cast Of Characters Is Given More To Do With Their Roles (And Their Talents) 

Something that rubbed me the wrong way with Season 1 was that it felt as if the cast of characters were not given their chances to shine. People that I thought were really going to stand out, such as Dove Cameron or Jane Krakowski, were sidelined to almost supporting characters where they didn’t add much to the story that I can remember. 

In Season 2, there is so much more to love about them. For example, Dove Cameron’s character in Schmicago, Jenny Banks, feels almost like a main character half the time because we really do get to see her background story instead of her just being a love interest. Krakowski was absolutely amazing as Bobby Flanagan, a lawyer who had everyone wrapped around her finger. 

Everything was just done so well, and the fact that you really got to hear their singing voices more, as well as witness their comedic timing, was the perfect way to do this season. 

Tituss Burgess in Schmigadoon!

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Specifically, Tituss Burgess Was An Amazing Addition To The Cast

There has never been a better cast addition to a show than Tituss Burgess. Fans might know him originally from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, where he played Titus Andromedon, a role he honestly killed it in. His Emmy record shows it.

But man, him as the narrator was the perfect choice. Not only does Burgess have probably one of the best high tenor voices I have ever heard from a male singer on television, but he’s just so dang funny. His comedic timing is brilliant and he was one of the few people who genuinely made me laugh out loud until the point that I was crying. 

God, if there’s a Season 3 of this show, keep him there, somehow. He’s such a joy to watch on television, and I would gladly watch him in a Season 3 that covers '80s and '90s musicals. Like, come on. 

Ariana DeBose in Schmigadoon!

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The Music Composition Was So Much Better

Okay. I’m a little biased here because this period of musicals is my favorite – but I don’t remember a single song from the first season of Schmigadoon!, and Season 2 is just better. 

When you make a musical, you really want to make sure there are memorable tunes that capture the essence of the musical as a whole. I’m talking about Lin-Manuel Miranda songs or even songs from musical miniseries, such as Daisy Jones and the Six. All of those have some catchy tunes that stand out, but Season 1 of Schmigadoon! didn’t really have any of that. 

However, Season 2 had me tapping my feet and smiling the whole time. Cameron’s piece, “Kaput,” was such a fun take on many songs such as “Cell Block Tango” or “All That Jazz.” I loved “Bells and Whistles,” and Burgess’ “Famous as Hell” sent me on a rollercoaster of “yes, sing it!” These voices were meant for musicals like this and the music just fits the theme so much better. 

Some of the cast of Schmigadoon!

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And The Dance Scenes Were Composed Perfectly To Fit The Era Of Musicals 

Again, also me being probably a little biased since I love these types of musicals, but the choreography in this season was so much better, too. 

Look, there are great choreographers from '40s and '50s musicals, but there’s a reason why I always hear so many people talk about Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Harold Prince, and so many more. The dance styles from the '60s and '70s were so much more technically advanced. 

I personally feel that anyone, if they are given proper dance lessons, could learn a lot of the swing movements in Schmigadoon! Season 1. Obviously it’s not an easy task, but in comparison to many other dance styles, those were pretty forgiving. The dances of Season 2, however, seem to require more strength training, so much agility and structure and the ability to hit the move perfectly every time – rigid, is the best word. 

It’s what makes for clean dancing, and it also adds to the spectacle that is this show. It’s wonderfully done and I would literally sit down and learn all these dances if I could. 

Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key in Schmigadoon.

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The Ending Was Also Well-Done – A Happy Beginning Can Start On Any Day

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t think a Season 3 of this show is going to happen. Would I like it to? Of course – but, I also recognize that the Season 2 finale was way better than the first. 

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The Season 1 finale left things sort of open-ended, where we didn’t know if they would be able to cross the bridge back into the real-world or not, but Season 2 really closed things off. They are back in New York City, holding hands, knowing they aren’t promised that everything is going to go well in their lives. 

They make a promise to each other to start every day with a happy beginning in order to get through the tough times. They leave Schmicago behind and begin anew. Honestly, that’s a great way to end the series and a big reason I enjoyed it more than Season 1 – it finally feels like this specific chapter is closed. 

I don’t know if Season 3 will happen, but if it does, I’ll be right there waiting to see what goes on – and most likely dance along. But, until then, I can openly say I enjoyed the heck out of Season 2 of Schmigadoon!, and I’m sure anyone else would, too.  

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