Why Queen Charlotte And King George's Confession Of Love In The Bridgerton Spinoff Might’ve Been The Most Romantic Thing I've Ever Seen

Queen Charlotte and King George smiling at each other.
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Spoilers for Episode 6 of the limited series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story ahead. If you have not watched the Bridgerton spinoff, you can stream the entire season with a Netflix subscription

From the Duke telling Daphne “I burn for you,” to Anthony’s emotionally driven confession of love to Kate, we’ve gotten to see couples come together in the most romantic of ways on Bridgerton. However, when it comes to Queen Charlotte and King George confessing their love for each other in the 2023 TV schedule’s Bridgerton entry Queen Charlotte, I think it might have been the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen. 

After a whole season of the two fighting the urge to be with each other, Charlotte goes to confront George in his observatory, which is the place they had their first deep conversation. Despite the king’s attempt to get her to leave, she commands that she will stay. After a whole season of her trying to figure out why he tells her to stay away, she figured it out, saying he stays away because he loves her. This leads the Queen to passionately say:

Is this because you believe that I could not love you? I do. I love you, George. I love you so much that I will do as you wish. If you do not love me, say you do not love me, and I will go…But first, you have to say that you do not love me.

He can’t do it, he can’t say it. He tries to tell her she shouldn’t want to be with him because he’s a “madman,” and he can’t tell the difference between the heavens and the Earth. But Charlotte is persistent, and then he breaks, he can’t hide his love anymore, and he passionately says while getting teary-eyed:

I love you! From the mo…From the moment I saw you trying to go over the wall, I have loved you desperately. I cannot breathe when you are not near; I love you Charlotte. My heart calls your name…I wanted to tell you. I wanted you to know.

Queen Charlotte and King George standing together, Charlotte is holing George's face to her's.

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He ends his confession by saying she brings him light, and Charlotte reassures him that it’s “you and me,” and they can do this together. 

Talk about romantic! While the scene itself is passionate, caring, urgent and hot, what makes this the most romantic scene ever is how the series built up to the moment by flashing between young Charlotte and George and present Queen Charlotte. 

This whole season, like Charlotte, we’ve slowly learned about King George’s mental illness. Time and time again, the queen proves that she loves her husband, despite his illness, and his episodes. Actually, she wants to be with him, help him, and fight for him. By jumping between the past and present we learn that that love never died, it has stuck with them into their older age, and they still live by that confession. 

Since we know how much they’ve endured as a couple, and how unwavering their love is for each other before this confession, when it actually happened it had so much emotional weight that you couldn’t help but shed a tear for the loving couple. 

Many fans also couldn’t help but fall in love with this couple, and their confession. For example, @stormbxrnbaby made a touching point about this scene, and the show by tweeting:

you know what I really loved ab #queencharlotte? he doesn’t get rid of his issues. it ends w/ them accepting the ongoing struggle with his mental health bc they love each other. he’s never demonized or dehumanized bc of it. he’s loved. it’s so refreshing -@stormbxrnbaby

The other reason this scene is so moving is because of the weight it continues to carry through the finale. The sequence is placed toward the beginning of Episode 6, and over the course of an hour and half, Charlotte keeps reassuring George that she loves him, despite his illness and social pressures. Having the “I love you scene” to return to throughout their moments in the final installment, and the repetition of "it's you and me," really hammers the point that they will always be there for each other home. 

Queen Charlotte has gotten rave reviews since its premiere, and fans have fallen in love with Charlotte, George and their beautiful love story. It also helps that the leads of Queen Charlotte’s cast, India Amarteifio and Corey Mylchreest, played this emotional story with passion and their chemistry was undeniable. Overall, by marking the beginning of the end with this gorgeous confession of love that was performed to perfection, this Bridgerton spinoff managed to pull off a scene that only gets more romantic the more you think about it. 

You can stream Queen Charlotte in its entirety on Netflix, and be sure to look out for Season 3 of Bridgerton, to see Colin and Penelope’s love story, and to see how Charlotte and George’s story continues all these years later. 

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