Irina Shayk Wore A See-Through Skirt To A Formula 1 Race, And Some Instagram Users Were Not Happy

Temps are heating up outside, so it’s no surprise sheer looks are having another moment. The latest came from model Irina Shayk, who attended the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix race this weekend. She rocked a tee, black underwear and a sheer dress, but some fans were not happy about it, with many proclaiming she needed some pants. 

Honestly if you think about, Irina Shayk’s weekend look is sort-of combining two trends, both the pandemic-era pants-free trend touted by Alexandra Daddario and other stars and the sheer look trend that’s been all over red carpets in recent months. (Thank Florence Pugh for that one.) She shared multiple images of the look on her Instagram, both from front and back, and it certainly had fans talking about whether or not the skirt counts as bottoms. Take a look.

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The first look is a bit in shadow, but later in the post the star showed off the look in full sun. While the Miami Grand Prix isn’t as buttoned up as, say, The Kentucky Derby, some social media users were less than enthusiastic about her outfit choice. A slew of the top comments were less about the cool event she went to and more about her choice of dress.

  • I don’t get it .. why dress like u going to the beach!
  • Not the right outfit for a race 😂
  • I don’t understand…what is happening to our fashion? The class and elegance?😮😮😮
  • You are stunning but don’t call this fashion or classy or trendy please. 
  • Sorry but the outfit is ugly... no taste...

Some of the comments on this post are from people who simply don't get the look, but others are less kind, and remind me of that line in Bambi where Thumper notes, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” To also mention in the model’s defense, the Miami Grand Prix does not have an official dress code, and attendees are able to wear whatever they are personally comfortable in, though if you burn easily, sheer may not be the best way to face the Miami heat. (Not to be confused with the Miami Heat. Couldn't help myself. Sorry.) 

Shayk’s already been having a black bikini summer, so her choice of black underneath the sheer look feels on brand. The neutral shade has already been a hot color this summer, and a nice alternate to the Barbicore looks celebs have been wearing for months. In fact, we’ve seen enough black base layers that 2023 may end up being declared the year of the black bikini, as Halle Berry, Sydney Sweeney and more also try 'em out. 

At the time of this writing, Irina Shayk has yet to respond to the haters, but she's probably not sweating it too much. 

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