Disneyland’s New Mandalorian Ice Cream Snack With A Chicken Nugget Is So Unsettling, But I’m Also Weirdly Curious

Grogu on The Mandalorian
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When most people visit a place like Disneyland their top priority is the attractions. However, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit Disneyland Resort for both work and play enough times that, while I still absolutely love the Disneyland rides, I rarely feel that I need to do them in the same way. Instead, my focus is usually on the food (still trying to get that 21 Royal invite). There’s almost always something totally new to try, and a dish available exclusively during this month’s Star Wars Nite has me quite intrigued, and more than a little weirded out.

There are always unique offerings at the After Hours Events hosted at Disney Parks, but one of the items that is available during this month’s Star Wars Nite event really pushes the envelope. Inspired by everybody’s favorite Baby Yoda, the Snacky Sundae contains a lot of very strange elements. The cookies and cream ice cream is surrounded by boba and candy and is topped with a macron, but as DAPs Magic revealed, it also includes… a chicken nugget?

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Individually, I am fully in favor of all of these things. I like boba (make a note to get boba later) the ice cream is one of my favorite flavors, macha is great. And who doesn’t like chicken nuggets now and then? However, the combination of all these things is just strange. It’s like wrapping a corn dog in a pickle and dipping it in peanut butter, which you can also do at Disneyland. 

Each element is, of course, designed to call out to a particular episode of The Mandalorian and something that we’ve seen Grogu eat. The boba floating in the sundae looks like frog eggs, the gummy candy is actually a gummy frog, and the macron looks just like a cookie we saw Grogu use the Force to swipe. 

The chicken nugget, however, isn’t so much a reference to an episode of The Mandalorian as it is the memes that sprouted around Grogu in the first season of the show because we all saw him as a baby and we know babies love chickie nuggies.

The chicken nugget being the one savory item among all the sweet, of course, throws this whole dish for a loop, but the more I think about it, the more I would at least like to give it a try. There’s nothing wrong with combining salty and sweet, even in a dessert. If you’ve ever dipped french fries in your milkshake, and if you haven’t I don’t trust you as a person, then you know what I mean. Would dipping a chicken nugget in ice cream be essentially the same? Could it be...good?

This dish was apparently first available last year during Star Wars Nite, though I apparently missed it then. And clearly, it must have sold reasonably well for Disneyland to make the decision to bring it back. I didn’t get tickets to Star Wars Nite, so I can’t see if it’s good this year. Somebody order one for me and let me know. 

Dirk Libbey
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