Bumblebee Has Screened, Here Are The Early Reactions

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One of the biggest questions surrounding Bumblebee is whether it can put the Transformers franchise -- which has released some real stinkers over the years -- back on track. The movie has officially screened for critics and the consensus is largely the same: Bumblebee is good! Critics have taken to social media to praise what many call the best Transformers film, which is an '80s throwback is filled with heart, humor, and solid action.

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Bumblebee is something of an origin film following the popular yellow Autobot as he finds himself stranded on Earth. He soon meets Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), who develops a close bond with Bumblebee as she tries to protect him from government agents and Decepticons looking to destroy him. Critics have had no problem saying that this is the best Transformers, highlighting its performances and sense of heart.

Travis Knight took over directing duties for Michael Bay on this film, and as such, the film is a little less explode-y. Knight brings an entirely different aesthetic to Bumblebee, redesigning the Transformers to resemble their Generation 1 (or G1 as fans call it) designs. One critic wrote that they want to see more Transformers films like this one.

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While Bumblebee may be the main character, the core of the film is the bond between the robot and Charlie. Hailee Steinfeld is getting plenty of praise for her role in the film, with at least one critic saying that she elevates every scene she is in.

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Finally, the film is set in the 1980s, something that the movie uses to great effect. Not only does it feel like a cross between E.T. and Iron Giant, but the movie also boasts a soundtrack filled with music of the era, with an emphasis on The Smiths.

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It sounds like Bumblebee is well worth the price of admission and is a refreshing change of pace for Transformers fans. The movie is all set to release in theaters on December 21 and you can find out more about the movie with our handy guide.

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