After Oscar Win, Brendan Fraser Is Being ‘Picky’ About His Next Movie

Brendan Fraser sits with a melancholy smile on his couch in The Whale.
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2022 was a big year for Brendan Fraser, as he received considerable praise and numerous accolades for his performance in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. Fraser capped off the stellar awards season run with a Best Actor win at the 2023 Oscars. He has a few upcoming productions that are on the schedule of 2023 new movie releases. However, it would seem that Fraser has yet to line up another gig since receiving his gold statue. That’s apparently because the veteran actor  is being very “picky” about his next movie.

Brendan Fraser is obviously no stranger to picking out acting jobs, as he’s had to do it throughout his decades-long career. Of course, one would assume that winning an Academy Award can change your mindset when it comes to selecting a role. The beloved actor addressed his professional future amid an interview with People, during which he also mentioned how the ongoing WGA writers strike might also factor into plans: 

I read the trades the other day. Apparently, I'm going to have to pick up a picket sign. It might be a long summer. At the moment, I don't have anything – I'm really being picky right now.

Because of the strike, a number of film and TV projects – that are in numerous stages of production – have been delayed. So even if the Mummy icon were to sign on for something right now, there’s a chance that it could be a while before the cameras would actually start rolling. He doesn’t sound all that worried about that, though, based on his comments. If anything, it would appear that he’s more preoccupied with the strike and the prospect of joining his colleagues on the picket line. 

If one were to be honest, I don’t think the Encino Man alum is going to have any trouble landing work after his Oscar win, a result of his first-ever nomination (which he celebrated with his son). Hollywood pretty much knows what he’s capable of as a performer at this point, and his work in The Whale will possibly put him on the radar of even more top-tier filmmakers. As fate would have it, his next collaboration involves one of the greatest directors of our time. 

The actor is set to star in Martin Scorseses’s adaptation of Killers of the Flower Moon, which is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival later this month before hitting Apple TV+ in the fall. Scorsese’s latest feature puts Brendan Fraser alongside acting greats like Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and John Lithgow. Fraser will also appear in the comedy film Brothers, which stars Josh Brolin, Glenn Close and Peter Dinklage. In addition, fans can still look forward to his work in the upcoming final episodes of DC’s Doom Patrol

I think Brendan Fraser could actually use a bit of rest considering all of the work he’s done as of late. It would seem that he’s going to take some time to think over his options amid the ongoing strike And once the industry returns to some sense of normalcy, I’d expect him to choose a project that speaks to him just as Darren Aronofsky’s Oscar-winning drama did.

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